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ComTAR allows users to analyze the variations of known miRNA targets during evolution and to predict previously unknown interactions by focusing on the conservation of the potential targeting.


Advanced features


Comtar contains precomputed data for 22 conserved miRNAs where you can browse the results, and change the input parameters. By contrast, query your own sequences are time consuming and results will be delivered within 1 day.

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Target search options

You can define several parameters for each search, such as the mismatch filter, the minimum free energy cutoff and the minimum number of species.
  • Mismatch filter: only one mismatch is allowed between position 1 and 11 of the miRNA consensus sequence.
  • The minimum free energy cutoff: We defined a target as predicted if its minimum free energy is below the chosen cutoff.
  • The minimum number of species where the same tag is present for a particular miRNA.

Users of comTAR are requested to cite :

Chorostecki U, Palatnik JF. (2014). comTAR: a web tool for the prediction and characterization of conserved microRNA targets in plants. Bioinformatics. Jul 15;30(14):2066-7. doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btu147.

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